The aim of our DJ courses is to provide students with the confidence and skills to perform live, create mixes and self-promote with the aim of securing paid shows.

The courses are extremely hands-on and focus on learning and perfecting the essential skills and techniques necessary in order to become a successful DJ in the current music industry.

A professional DJ needs to have the skills to mix by ear. Our courses begin with beat-mixing on vinyl and then progress on to using the latest digital technology available.

All of our equipment is industry standard so you will feel relaxed and prepared when performing in any music venue after completing the course.

Our DJ courses are 10 weeks in length with two contact hours a week and are available in either 1-on-1 or group lessons..

DJ Course (Comprehensive)

The aim of the  DJ Course (Comprehensive) is to provide students with the essential skills to perform live, create professional mixes and self promote effectively to secure paid gigs. It teaches all the essential skills in order to become a successful DJ.

Here is a brief summary of the topics covered: 

  • Mixing by Ear
  • Vinyl Mixing
  • Programming Sets
  • Setting up equipment
  • Beatmatching and basic mixing techniques
  • Live performance
  • Industry and business essentials 
  • Self-Promotion
  • Music Structure
  • Creative use of FX
  • Digital DJ’ing
  • Preparing mix tapes


It is suitable for students of all abilities.